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Support CRTI

The Chicago Region Trees Initiative is seeking financial support to plant trees equitably across the Chicago region.

We need your help to make progress on CRTI’s goal to rebuild the Chicago region’s urban forest, which has lost millions of trees due to invasive pests, disease, and drought over the past ten years. With the help of partners like you, we will build a stronger, healthier, and more equitable future for the Chicago region. Any amount is appreciated and goes directly toward the purchase and planting of trees. 
All donations will be processed through The Morton Arboretum's secure donation website. All funds will go directly to CRTI. The Morton Arboretum is the founding partner of CRTI. 

Other opportunities to help the Chicago Region Trees Initiative make a bigger impact. 

Our tree plantings, programs, workshops, trainings, and resources reach communities across the Chicago Region. Help us reach our goal of a healthier, more diverse, more equitable forest by 2050!