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The Morton Arboretum

Invitation to Bid for Tree Production and Delivery


To:        Licensed Tree Nurseries                                                        Date: 5/28/2020

From:    Lydia Scott, Director Chicago Region Trees Initiative

Re:        Contract for tree growing

Attached to this memorandum is a Request for Proposal for a contract to grow trees for The Morton Arboretum on behalf of the Chicago Region Trees Initiative. This contract is for five years. The intent is to get a contract growing program in place in 2020 with the desire to build the program with additional  contracts in subsequent years.

Please review the attached Request for Proposal. If you are planning to submit a proposal, follow the instructions in the Request for Proposal and notify Lydia Scott at so that a potential bidders list can be developed to facilitate communication in the event of addenda.

Thank you.




June 2, 2020


Delete #11, Page 18:

All trees include a one (1) year warranty. All trees which die or are not 75% alive with the central leader 100% alive, as determined by the Purchaser, within one (1) year after planting must be  replaced the same or the following planting season. Trees determined to be unsatisfactory by the Purchaser will be required to be removed and replaced by the Bidder with the same size tree and species originally planted unless change is authorized by the Purchaser within thirty (3) days of written notification by the Purchaser.  There shall be no additional charges for the necessary replacement trees. The Bidder shall not be required to replace trees damaged by vehicle accidents or acts of vandalism. All replacement trees will carry a one (1) year warranty extension as if the replacement tree was the original planted tree, from the date that the actual replanting is complete.  The same guideline outlined above will be used to determine the tree’s condition for replacement.


Request for Proposal