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Corporate Sustainability Partnership Program

Investing in a greener, healthier, more equitable Chicago region


The Chicago Region Trees Initiative (CRTI) Corporate Sustainability Partnership Program connects sustainability-minded corporations with impactful projects and dedicated partners that enable companies to achieve their goals related to areas such as ecosystem improvement, environmental equity, energy conservation, or air and water quality.

By partnering with CRTI, companies have the opportunity to select from a variety of options, offering flexibility in meeting goals within budget. Options include supporting an existing program that meets the corporation’s goals, or creating a new, unique program for an organization.

Your partnership will result in a regional impact that will yield benefits to Chicago area communities for generations to come. 

CRTI Partnerships Offer:

By leveraging CRTI's extensive network and expertise, your investment will result in maximum impact.
Qualifying projects are eligible for Carbon+ credits and/or Impact Certification through City Forest Credits, providing third-party verification of results. 
CRTI will provide you with all the communications assets necessary to promote your participation in the program to your stakeholders, driving increased brand value.
CRTI is a consortium of more than 200 local and national institutions. This collaborative, cross-functional network designs and executes large-scale projects that optimize efficiencies and synergies to further its mission to improve the urban canopy.
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Let’s Get Started!

For more information, and to discuss the numerous options available for corporate partnerships, please contact LeeAnn Kruszynski, Partnership Manager, at or 630-725-2119.


Program Support

The CRTI Corporate Sustainability Partnership Program was developed through the generous support of Walder Foundation. The Foundation was established by Joseph and Elizabeth Walder to address critical issues impacting our world. The Foundation’s five areas of focus—science innovation, environmental sustainability, the performing arts, migration and immigrant communities, and Jewish life—are an extension of the Walders’ lifelong passions, interests, and their personal and professional experiences.