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Community Tree Champion Volunteers

Do you enjoy learning about trees? Do you enjoy sharing that knowledge with others? Does a vision of the Chicago Region as the most verdant, most livable, most resilient region in North America resonate with you? If so, please consider applying for the Community Tree Champion Volunteer program!
We Need Your Help

Chicago’s regional forest is a critical asset that needs our protection. Trees clean our air and water, reduce flooding, improve our property values, create habitat for wildlife, and provide significant social and health benefits. In short, trees improve our quality of life.
But our trees need our help. They face threats such as invasive plants, including buckthorn and honeysuckle; the death of ash trees due to emerald ash borer; and a lack of funding for proper tree care. These issues are having significant impacts on the health and survival of our regional forest. That’s your cue - we need you! 
Join Our Team and Strengthen Our Communities
Based out of The Morton Arboretum, the Chicago Region Trees Initiative (CRTI) is a partnership for coordinated action on key issues facing trees. It is the largest such initiative in the country, with leading organizations and agencies from across the seven-county metropolitan region working together. CRTI is leveraging funding, knowledge, skills, and expertise to build a healthier, more diverse regional forest.
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