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Become a Partner

Partnership Levels

Lead Partner

Lead partners are major tree-focused organizations, agencies, associations, and land owners with a vested interest in the Chicago Region. Lead partners must have a representative at the executive level on the CRTI Executive Advisory Council



Partners, including Lead Partners, are organizations, agencies, associations, and land owners and managers with a vested interest in the region's trees. Partners must commit to CRTI through at least one of the following actions:

  • Participation as an active member of a work group. 
  • Provides staff and/or other resources to help implement the work plan to achieve CRTI goals.
  • Commits to specific activity(ies) annually that can be tracked and measured to help meet the goals of CRTI.


Contact the CRTI coordinator ( to get involved. There is no cost associated with partnership, though donations and sponsorships are welcome!