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Trees4Communities Program Instructions


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Thank you for being a part of the PLANT TREES FOR COMMUNITIES initiative. It would not be possible without you and the 339 other communities or wards in the Chicago region!


What you need to do:

  1. Pick up the tree.
  2. Plant the tree.
  3. Water the tree.
  4. Mulch the tree.
  5. Put the tree tag on the tree.
  6. Log the tree in ‘Canopy Counts’.
  7. Take photos and put photos in ‘Canopy Counts’.
  8. Share your photos on social media/newsletter/other.
  9. Send us a note to let us know you succeeded!
  10. Take care of your new young tree.


Included in your kit:


  1.  Instructions on how to plant, mulch, and water your tree: 
    1. There is an information sheet included in your kit that tells you how to plant, mulch and water your tree.  Follow the tree planting instructions carefully – planting your tree too low will kill your tree.
      1. Water your tree! Trees need water to live.  Read the instructions carefully because you can water too little or too much.
      2. Mulch keeps the roots cooler and to helps hold moisture. Give your tree a good start!


  1. Instructions on how to record your tree on ‘Canopy Counts’:
    1. Check out the Canopy Counts Program to record and add a picture of your tree in its new home. We love to see these trees pop up on our map!


  1. Tree Tag:
    1. We have provided an 11 by 17” tree tag and degradable twine for you to hang on your tree.  Please tie the tag to the tree.
    2. Don’t forget to go back and take the tag down in a week or two.  We don’t want the tags to become litter. You can use the tag again in future years if you want to repeat this opportunity.


  1. Take some photos – post pictures with your tree in the ‘Canopy Counts Program’ and on your social media accounts or newsletter.  Share the good news!


  1. Draft Proclamation: We have provided draft language for a proclamation recognizing the value and benefits trees provide to our communities.


  1. Draft Press Release Template: We have provided a draft press release template so you can showcase your participation in the planting event. 


  1. Tree Owner’s Manual. Your tree comes with a US Forest Service Tree Owner’s Manual.  Please take the time to get to know how to care for your tree (and the rest of the trees in your community).  This tree, with proper care, can live and be enjoyed for generations to come.


  1. Plant Trees Digital Communication’s Campaign Toolkit. We have prepared everything you or your staff need to promote the value and importance of trees.  We have graphics, talking points, etc.  Check it out:


There are seven images in the series:

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact for assistance. We look forward to raising awareness about the benefits of trees together!


I you have any questions about the Plant Trees for Communities Project, please contact Lydia Scott at lscott@mortonarb.orgThank you for being part of this important program!